What We Do

In 2015 Stromkind was started by senior industry professionals from the fields of aviation, unmanned systems and computer science to pioneer autonomous vehicles. The combination of the team’s tech and bizdev competences allows us rethink vehicles from the ground up and develop new technologies that enable a range of visionary new autonomous applications.

Stromkind owns several patented technologies. The company has been awarded “Best Austrian Startup ‘17” and won the “Pioneers Festival Grand Prize” out of 4.000 contestants. Our distinctive technology is currently sold/licensed to launch customers from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, UAE and China.

Aquatic Drone Applications

On-Demand Cargo Transportation
Transport cargo and emergency goods autonomously to remote locations such as small islands or to boats.

Target Environmental Issues
A swarm of KAT Drones can remove algae or plastic waste from huge polluted areas at a fraction of cost.

Fire Fighting
The KAT can operate in hazardous situations without exposing personnel to high temperatures or toxic fumes.


What we do

Ultralong Distance Wireless

Stromkind builds wireless control and data modules for unmanned aerial, land and marine vehicles.

Multidisciplinary Engineering

Our engineering team melts together know-how from computer science, mechanics, electronics, electromobility and industrial-design to form the multidisciplinary Stromkind approach.

Service & Sales

We are service and distribution partner for a carefully selected list of industrial brands and industry partners.

Rocket Science

And last but not least, we are not afraid to apply rocketscience in our projects to create extraordinary results. Checkout podilabs for a reference.

Awards and Media

Winner of the Pioneers Challenge 2017, one of Europes biggest Startup Events.

Best Austrian Startup 2017, awarded by Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Article on CNBC about the KAT and maritime drone applications.

Reference Projects

Our team built a custom highefficiency waterjet propulsion for aquatic ships and drones.

We’re supporting leading drone manufacturers with custom technology developments.

Image courtesy UMS Skeldar AG.

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