What we do

Ultralong Distance Wireless

Stromkind builds wireless control and data modules for unmanned aerial, land and marine vehicles.

Multidisciplinary Engineering

Our engineering team melts together know-how from computer science, mechanics, electronics, electromobility and industrial-design to form the multidisciplinary Stromkind approach.

Service & Sales

We are service and distribution partner for a carefully selected list of industrial brands and industry partners.

Rocket Science

And last but not least, we are not afraid to apply rocketscience in our projects to create extraordinary results. Checkout podilabs for a reference.

Reference Projects

Ergonomically designed seat for controlling unmanned aerial vehicles for a swedish client.

In cooperation with technical universities we are building a high efficient electrical propulsion concept for marine vehicles. The goal is to create a small, robust electrical propulsion that is simple to manufacture. Project tasks include virtual prototyping & CFD simulations.

Stromkind is a technology leader in the field of unmanned aircrafts. We are working with some of the world’s leading producers.

image courtesy of UMS Skeldar AG

Special applications in the Military or Aircraft industries require special housings. Our custom designed rack housings are dust and waterproof.

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